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OKAYA PowerUP-OPHT18036 150ah Battery


Introducing OKAYA PowerUP OPHT18036 150Ah Inverter Battery with Advanced Tubular Technology for Home, Office & Shops | Longer Life & Extra Backup


150 (AH)






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OKAYA PowerUP Tall Tubular Inverter Battery – OPHT18036.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology to provide you with reliable power backup. With an advanced tubular design, Okaya inverter batteries ensure consistent performance during power outages, making them perfect for home inverters, office backups, and more. All our batteries undergo rigorous testing and certification by NABL-accredited labs.

Okaya inverter batteries are compatible with all inverter brands and ensure uninterrupted power for a wide range of applications. Okaya is an ultra-low maintenance battery that requires water top-up not more than 1-2 times a year ensuring your peace of mind. Order now and elevate your power backup solutions to new heights with Okaya Inverter batteries.

• 100% Tubular battery in Tall container
• Advanced Tubular Technology (ATT)
• 99.98% Pure Lead
• Pressure Die cast terminals, free from voids for high strength
• Special paste formulation for Quick Recharge
• Highly efficient PE Envelope Separator from DARAMIC, USA
• 6 Ceramic water level indicators for each vent hole
• Low antimony alloy for Ultra Low Maintenance
• Factory charged, ready to use
• Paperless Warranty
• Hassle Free Service with All India Onsite Service Network

• Capacity @C20: 150Ah
• Dimensions: Length*Width*Total Height = 508 * 190 * 412 mm (±2 mm)
• Net weight:  53.90 kg (±3%)
• Warranty: 36 months total {18 months (flat) + 18 months (prorata)}
• Backup at 400W: ≥ 2:30 (hr:min)

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